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BG Club
(Bulgarian Network)
(Products from Turkey - Selections from Europe, Middle East and other countries are coming soon)
Romanian-American Yellow Pages (847) 663-0960
Niles, IL
Serbian-American Yellow Pages (847)-588 0555
Niles, IL
Korean-American Yellow Pages n/a
(A Selected Guide to African American Resources on the Internet)
(Business Directory - Links to European & Non-European Sites) n/a
Irish Internet
(Celtic and Irish information and News on the Internet)
New York Irish Network
(Celtic & Irish information in New York) n/a
Hungarian Village Finder, Atlas, and Gazetteer
(names, places, towns, cities, villages, settlements, in Hungary, Austria-Hungary, etc., also on CD-ROM)
(Links to Slavic & East European Resources)
(Romanian Gifts, Books, Folk Art, Costume Gallery, Ikons, etc.) Elizabeth Pod, (773)-545-8423
Tamburitza Association of America
(Links to Tamburitza Orchestras in the Association, & other info) Rich Krilich
(Links to Tambura groups, & other information)

("promoting flat singing and broken english")
Slavonic Web - Slavonic Cultural Center, San Francisco
(organizes cultural programs that preserve and reflect the diverse artistic traditions of the Balkan's different cultural groups) Slavonic Cultural Center, San Francisco
(510) 649-0941,
Serbian YellowBook - Serbian-American Yellow Pages
(directory Serbian & Montenegran Business Services)
Ancestry: The Polish Connection
(hosted by n/a
(Free geneaology site supported by n/a
Macedonian Cultural & Information Centre
(MCIC - inLondon & Skopje)
Hungarian Communion of Friends - Magyar Barati Kozosseg
(Lots of information about the Hungarian Community in Hungarian & English)