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Audio Conversions
Media Conversion
Converting Analog Music (Tapes, Records) to Digital (MD, CD, MP3, Computer Files, etc.)
(1) Analog to Digital Conversions

(2) Procedures & how tos, pros & cons, war stories

(3) Links to other sites Paul Collins
Chicago, IL


(Media Conversion)

Convert Tapes/LPs to Digital, find rare recordings
Video Conversions
Home Video Studio Convert Film to Video, VHS to DVD, etc. Joe Buerger
800-580-4346 or
Dance Heritage Coalition Dance Videotape Preservation Project.  Videotape is not a permanent medium. Tapes recorded before 1990 are in jeopardy. Website has information on how to preserve videotapes and how to find funding for remastering or conservation treatment.  Also, information on archival processing & access to materials, notation, documentation & cataloging, and education. n/a